Groupe IMCG: grinding services for UGITECH, Ugine, France have started to date

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October 2020

The enterprise UGITECH S. A. with plants in France and Italy that belongs to the SWISS STEEL group (formerly SCHMOLZ & BIECKENBACH) is a leading producer of stainless steel long products.
Before the end of the year 2019, UGITECH signed a long-term service contract with Groupe IMCG, already well-established provider of material processing services and supplier of tailor-made special machines and equipment for cutting and grinding of various semi-finished metal products. This contract covers the conditioning of stainless steel blooms by IMCG at UGITECH’s main factory at Ugine, Département Savoie (Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes), France.

The high-pressure grinding machine and associated equipment required for fulfilling this service contract were designed, manufactured and supplied by IMCG.

Early october 2020, commissioning of the new equipment started to schedule. Also, production operation commenced at the scheduled date still in October.

An important advantage of the business model offered by Groupe IMCG is that the customer does not have to invest in the production equipment any more in order to then operate them himself. Instead, IMCG supplies at ist own cost the tailor-made machines required for the given application, operates and maintains them, whereas the customer only pays for the material conditioning service according to the actual quantities of processed material – i. e. almost only Opex instead of Capex.

For recording and as a proof of the real production quantities, as well as of tool and utility consumptions (as the basis for invoicing the costs to the customer) a highly flexible and quite comfortable Industry 4.0 data management system developed by Groupe IMCG, with which the supplied machines are equipped, is utilized. This system also automatically collects and records all machine data, malfunctions and other states of the machine. By this means, also predictive maintenance, instead of only preventive maintenance, can be done. Remote access to the data is possible.

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