No "tummy shop", but competent representation of selected, first-class technology suppliers

04.08.20 02:58 PM Kommentar(e) Von CPO

August 2020

The aim of ONEMET is not to represent the largest possible number of different manufacturers or service providers, but only highly specialized equipment and technology suppliers, as well as service providers who know their specific area of expertise “from the FF” and can offer first-class, tailor-made solutions for the specific needs and projects of international customers within the steel and non-ferrous metals industry and the metals processing industry.

The first 3 well-known companies which put their trust in ONEMET Technology Trading GmbH and have entrusted ONEMET with the representation in the German-speaking countries and in Slovenia are the companies

  • Groupe IMCG SAS, France (competent service provider to the steel industry for the machining and conditioning of slabs, ingots and billets, as well as manufacturer of in-house developed high-performance band saws and high-pressure grinding machines)
  • Automazioni Industriali CAPITANIO (AIC), Italy (highly experienced and already internationally operating specialist for automation solutions for different areas in the steel industry, as well as automation partner for plant engineering enterprises)
  • ATS Mechatronics, Italy (highly specialized manufacturer of tying machines for long steel products with various cross sections – a company that was acquired by AIC mid-2019)

Possibly, ONEMET may also take-over the represention of the one or the other company. However, it will also apply here that these companies are absolute specialists in their fields, who can offer their customers in the metallurgy sector optimal benefits with their products.

At the same time, ONEMET will ensure that every partner company that is represented by ONEMET, as well as every customer who is advised by ONEMET, is looked after competently and with the necessary priority.

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